Prompt Engineering for Non-Techies

Communicate effectively with Chatbots

This seminar will introduce you to the fascinating world of prompt engineering and allow you to interact with AI and chatbots in a whole new, more efficient way.

You will learn how ChatGPT works and how to create effective prompts. Together we will deepen our knowledge of key features and unleash the full potential of AI and chatbots.

General Overview

  • Level: Beginners
  • Language: German
  • Where: Virtually via MS Teams
  • When: The seminar will start in November 2023
  • Duration: Each module lasts 2 hours. In the first part, there is always an input, which is followed by Q+A.

Overview of the modules

It is possible to register for each module individually. However, to get a complete overview, we recommend attending all the offered modules. This is also the prerequisite to receive a certificate of participation after completion of the seminar.

Module 1: Prompt Engineering Fundamentals (November 21st 2023, 14:00-16:00 hrs)
  • Introduction to Prompt Engineering
  • What is prompt engineering and how is it used in AI?
  • Importance of prompt engineering in producing desired results from language models
  • Overview of prompt engineering techniques and their applications 
  • Basics of creating effective prompts
  • Practical applications of prompt engineering in different domains
Module 2: Successful prompting with ChatGPT Plugins (November 23rd 2023, 14:00- 16:00hrs).
  • The importance of plug-ins
  • Presentation of the different ChatGPT plug-ins and their functions
  • Live demonstration of the integration of plug-ins
  • Presentation of example scenarios for the use of plug-ins
  • Hands-on exercises
  • Tips and tricks for effective use of plug-ins
Module 3: Fundamentals of Prompt Writing (November 28th 2023, 15:00 - 17:00 hrs)
  • Introduction to prompt writing
    • Understanding prompts and their importance for AI interactions.
    • Why effective prompts are important
  • The structure of prompts
    • Structure and elements of a good prompt
    • Clear wording of requests and commands
  • Basic prompt techniques
    • Single-sentence prompts: creating simple, clear requests
    • Multi-Sentence Prompts: Advanced techniques for achieving precise results
  • Contextualizing prompts
    • Introduction to Context: why it matters
    • Contextualized prompts for better interactions
  • Prompts for different use cases
    • Generating text, translations, summaries, and more
    • Adapting prompt techniques based on the particular use case
  • Tips and tricks for optimal prompt writing
    • Best practices for effective results
    • Avoiding mistakes
Module 4. Application of Prompts in a Business Context (November 30th 2023, 14:00-16:00)
  • Importance and potential of ChatGPT in the corporate environment.
  • Why effective prompts are critical
  • Prompts for information retrieval and analysis
  • Creating prompts for business information retrieval and analysis
  • Extracting relevant data and insights from large data sets
  • Prompts for idea generation and creativity
  • Generation of ideas and approaches to solutions
  • Creative approaches to developing new products and services
  • Prompts for communication and customer interaction
  • Creation of prompts to improve customer communications
  • Generation of persuasive texts for marketing, sales and support
  • Contextualization of prompts
  • Adapting prompts to specific business scenarios
  • Leveraging context for accurate and relevant results
  • Successful real-world examples
  • Present successful use cases of prompts in a business context


Module 5: Exercises in Formulating Prompts (December 5th 2023, 15:00-17:00 hrs)

This module focuses on practical exercises for formulating effective prompts. Participants will gain insights into best practices for structuring prompts, the use of keywords and instructions, and different approaches. They will learn to improve and make the most of their prompt formulation skills to produce high-quality results.

  • The role of precise prompts in reaching more effective results. How clear wording affects the quality of responses.
  • Basic structure of prompts: introduction, query, context
  • Tips for clear and understandable query wording
  • Asking questions and giving instructions
  • Formulating open and closed questions for different scenarios
  • Giving precise instructions for specific tasks
  • Creativity and variety in wording. Creating creative prompts for innovative ideas and approaches
  • Experimenting with different wording styles and techniques
  • Application examples for different industries
  • Developing prompts for different use cases
  • Adapting prompts to specific industry requirements
Modul 6: Midjourney - Overview, Key Features und Prompts (December 7th 2023, 15:00-17:00 hrs)

In this module, participants will be introduced to the world of Midjourney, learn key features in detail, and learn to formulate accurate prompts for optimal results.

  • Introduction to Midjourney
    • Introduction and context of Midjourney as a generative AI model
    • Key application areas and possible uses
  • Overview of key functions
    • Presentation of the core functions of Midjourney in detail
    • Explanation of specific possibilities and potentials
  • Advantages and special features
    • Explanation of Midjourney’s strengths and advantages compared to other models
    • Highlighting the unique features and usage scenarios
  • Application possibilities in different industries
    • Demonstration of successful use cases in different disciplines
  • Formulation of precise prompts for Midjourney
    • Guidance on how to best formulate queries for high-quality results
    • Tips on the use of keywords and contextual information

Who is eligible to participate?

Upskilling offers of FreeTech Academy are open for all employees of Axel Springer Group and its subsidiaries. All levels of experience are welcome, and we always encourage participation.

Join us on this exciting journey exploring the Power of writing effective Prompts.
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