machine learning

An Overview of Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence: We read and hear every day about it, but most people do not know precisely what it really means. Hence, this seminar provides an overview in this field by going beyond the hype, explaining the distinction between the terminologies, and uncovering the potential and challenges of Machine learning and AI in organizations.

Learning Goals

  • What is Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Data Science?
  • What is the difference between programming and Machine Learning?
  • What Machine Learning types and models exist and when do you use which one?
  • Who uses Machine Learning in organizations?
  • What is the potential and challenge with Machine Learning in organizations?
  • What is the outlook on this emerging field?

When and where

  • When 19.10.2022, 15.00-17.00 hrs (CET)
  • Where: Online via MS Teams
  • For whom: Beginners and intermediate
  • Language: English

 Who can participate?

  • The workshop is offered as part of Axel Springer internal upskilling program.
  • All colleagues of Axel Springer SE and its subsidiaries can participate

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