Tech Program

We want to foster the development of disruptive innovation at Axel Springer where technology and journalism go hand in hand. Therefore, we created an innovative Tech Program for young tech talents who want to drive the future of tech-driven media innovations through interdisciplinary teamwork between tech and journalism experts.

Program Content

To ensure both, an excellent tech education and the empowerment of interdisciplinarity, our Tech Program consists of four parts: a tech study program at CODE University of Applied Sciences, on-the-job trainings in different Axel Springer units as well as interdisciplinary projects together with our journalism students and joint workshops and events focusing on the interface between media and tech. 

Tech Studies at CODE

We partner with CODE University of Applied Sciences. Our tech students choose one from three state-recognized study programs (B.Sc. Software Engineering, B.A. Interaction Design and B.A. Product Management). 

CODE follows an innovative learning concept which focuses on theory through practice, self-learning competency and interdisciplinarity rather than boring lectures. Our students may qualify for a full CODE scholarship if they continue working at Axel Springer after graduation.

On-the-job Trainings

During their studies, our tech students are employed as working students. They visit different Axel Springer tech units for three to six months each and get the chance to gain practical experience, discover different brands and understand Axel Springer as a whole. Living costs are covered by a fair salary. 

Exciting Real-life Projects

All tech students will spend a part of the program in working on interdisciplinary real-life projects with journalism students as well as different Axel Springer units. Through these projects, tech and journalism students learn to work together from day one and focus on tech-driven media innovations in all stages of story development. 

Interdisciplinary Events

Besides interdisciplinary projects, tech and journalism students also get to know the specifics of tech-driven media by e.g. discovering topics like AI in journalism or discuss the potentials of Blockchain in deep fake detection in a variety of events and workshops.