Tech Program

“Our Tech Program is an important part of securing the future of journalism. The curiosity and creative drive of our tech talents play a key role in promoting disruptive innovations and an understanding of interdisciplinary work in the Group.”

Niloufar Behradi-Ohnacker
Senior Manager Tech & Upskilling

Miriam Krekel

Advantages of our Tech Program

1.400 € allowance per month

Participation in progressive projects

Small groups and intensive supervision

Perspectives in one of the most successful media house in Europe

Content of our training

At the Axel Springer Academy, we are committed to future-proofing journalism. We respond to the evolving landscape of the media industry by driving forward disruptive innovations. This can only be achieved when technology and journalism work in tandem, enhancing one another:

  • Our global technology program for emerging talents is characterized by cross-disciplinary collaboration.
  • In this environment, tech specialists and journalism experts come together to pool their knowledge and jointly craft innovative solutions for tomorrow’s challenges.
  • This collaborative spirit lays the groundwork for an advanced form of journalism and sets new standards for media technology innovations.

We frequently host workshops and events designed to sharpen the skills of our talent and to open up new prospects for the media industry. Insights gained from these sessions are discussed and often swiftly implemented, allowing us to play an active role in shaping the media world of the future.


We work together with external universities for the theoretical training of our tech talents. The following degree programs are currently represented: B.Sc. Software Engineering, B.A. Interaction Design and B.A. Product Management.


Parallel to their studies, our tech talents get practical experience in their home unit or through so-called unit visits within Axel Springer. The duration of the assignment is usually six months and offers the opportunity to deepen one’s skills, get to know different brands and thus understand Axel Springer as a whole. 


An important part of the program is the six-month collaboration in interdisciplinary projects. The aim is to create a common understanding of tech-driven media innovations in all phases of story production. The work is characterized by a close connection to our units and editorial offices, as well as the exploratory nature of the projects.

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