journalism school

“We impart knowledge, tools, and values to shape the future of journalism. You’ll spend six months working with the best instructors in online, video, audio, TV, print, and social before you can put your skills directly into practice in the editorial offices. In the process, you’ll build a unique network that will accompany you throughout your life. After two years you will be an editor.”

Miriam Krekel
Head of Journalism School

advantages of our journalism training

1.667 € Training allowance
per month

MacBook Pro & Blogging Kit
as work devices

The best lecturers teach practically and at eye level

Perspectives in one of the most successful media house in Europe

Study trip to Israel
in the 2nd year of training

Interviews and discussion rounds in an intimate setting

content of our training

In our training, you will learn the basics of journalism and what it takes for online, TV, audio, video, print, or social media. We also offer verification and research workshops, interdisciplinary projects, and a lot of practical experience. Our focus is on digital, tech-enabled journalism. We emphasize language, exclusivity, and agile working methods.

Our journalism students spend the first six months of their two-year training at the FreeTech Academy in Berlin. After that, they spend one and a half years in the editorial offices of their choice. There, they can put what they have learned into practice. For the best possible start to their careers, we also offer a specialization program in the last six months of their training.

SCHOOL  OF JOURNALISM | Important aspects of our training

Journalistic basics

  • News writing
  • Headline and lead training
  • Seminars for analog, digital and investigative research
  • Linguistics and structure
  • Verification
  • Comprehensive interview training (for text, audio, video, in front of and behind the camera)
  • Portrait and reportage workshops
  • Press law, questions of journalistic ethics

Focus workshops

  • Multimedia storytelling
  • Mobile reporting
  • TV (shooting, editing and production of contributions)
  • Data journalism
  • On-air and speaking training, moderation coaching
  • Production of platform-oriented video content
  • Podcast training
  • SEO and Audience Development

Interdisciplinary work

Journalism students and tech talent meet regularly to deal with interdisciplinary topics such as agile working, design thinking, compliance, etc. Supported by colleagues from the Axel Springer editorial team, they develop ideas and concepts for journalism that will continue to be socially relevant, technically excellent and technologically up-to-date in the future.

Editorial office

After six months of training at the FreeTech Academy, the students put what they have learned directly into practice in the editorial offices and consolidate it under real conditions. Right from the start, the journalism students work closely with experienced colleagues and produce their own stories. 

Israel trip

Broadening horizons and inspiration are part of everyday life at the FreeTech Academy: We enable every team to go on an impressive study trip to Israel. There, we meet exciting interlocutors and form our picture of this fascinating country. 

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