Here we have summarized the most frequently asked questions. If you can’t find an answer to your question, you can of course contact us personally at any time.


Why FreeTech?

Our core is the close connection of tech and media to drive disruptive innovations through interdisciplinary teamwork. You can choose your focus and learning content with a high degree of freedom and deepen it through practical projects and on-the-job training. In this way, you gain both practical experience and the necessary theoretical foundations. In addition, you will build up a company-wide network right from the start.

Do Journalism and Tech Program only happen together?

No, there are still two separate programs. The Journalism Program to train young journalists (German-language program) and the Tech Program in cooperation with our educational partner CODE University of Applied Sciences (English-language program). However, both programs are partially linked through joint events and projects.

Will I receive a salary as a FreeTech student?

The FreeTech Academy invests in a shared future with you. Journalism and tech students receive a monthly salary of 1400 euros (gross) while participating in the program. Additionally, our tech students may qualify for tuition coverage at CODE University of Applied Sciences.

There is a global pandemic. Do I have to be in the office in Berlin or can I work remotely?

Flexibility is important to us. For the sake of your health and safety, we recommend that everyone work remotely for the time being, if possible. We are closely monitoring the development of the pandemic and are constantly adjusting our internal recommendations. However, should the situation allow it again, we will be happy to meet you on site. The exchange in the community (especially here in Berlin) as well as the meeting with work colleagues cannot be completely virtualized – which is a good thing.

Journalism Program

When is the application deadline for the next training start?

As it stands now, the application deadline for the next possible cohort (2022) is June 1, 2021. However, it may also take place a few weeks earlier. Please subscribe to our newsletter.

When does the training start?

The Journalism Program begins in January and July of each year.

When is the application considered to be received in time?

The decisive factor is the time at which you submit your online application; postponers have until June 01, 23:59:59.

Can I upload Word documents instead of PDF files?

No, only files in PDF format are accepted.

What if you are not accepted? Is it allowed to apply more than once?

Yes, of course. Many of our journalism students only succeeded on their second or third attempt. Apply early, so you can gain valuable experience in good time.

Can I submit a previously published report as part of the application?

No, a report that has already been published will not be accepted.

Can I deal with any topic in the application report?

In principle, yes. But it should be a topic that has a certain relevance or personal significance.

How are the strokes of the application report counted?

We expect about 120 lines of 30 characters each (spaces also count), i.e. about 3,600 characters.

How many work samples should I send along?

Send along your three best works.

Can multimedia work samples also be uploaded?

Only files in PDF format can be uploaded directly. Please make multimedia work samples available via direct link and upload a simple PDF with a short description and the link to the work sample in the application tool.

What is the best way to prepare for the knowledge test?

Read daily newspapers and weekly titles intensively several weeks before the test, whether online or in print, then you should be well prepared. We have put together a selection of questions from the last knowledge test for you here.

Tech Program

What elements does the Tech Program consist of?

Here you will find detailed information about the program content.

How can I apply for the Tech Program?

For more information about how to apply for the Tech Program please click here.

I have more questions about the application process for the Tech Program.

Please visit our  more detailed Tech Program Application FAQ here.

How is this program different from other corporate scholarships?

We offer much more than a standard scholarship. As a participant in the Tech program, you’ll be able to study at a renowned university of applied sciences, approaching theory through practice. Still, we offer plenty of freedom to tailor the program to your interests and strengths in terms of hands-on projects and on-the-job trainings to help you become a digital pioneer in the tech and media industries.

What exactly do the on-the-job trainings in the Tech Program look like?
Can I choose which unit I work in?

During your participation in the Tech Program you will visit several units of Axel Springer to get to know different teams, tools and work processes. Of course you have a say in the selection of the right units – because we want you to work where you like it!

Can I do a semester abroad?

A semester abroad is not a fixed part of our program, but as an international company we encourage cultural exchange and are open to individual solutions.