Apply for our Tech Program now!

You think of code instead of snake when you hear python? When you hear snake, you think of how much fun just a couple of lines code can be? And though nostalgia is fun sometimes, you’re more into disruption? Then join us!

Apply for our Tech Program and become part of FreeTech! The main focus will be on your software engineering (SE), interaction design (ID) or product management (PM) studies at CODE University of Applied Sciences. While studying you’ll become a working student at FreeTech for 12h/week. Improve your practical skills through a variety of on-the-job-trainings in different tech units belonging to the huge network of Axel Springer and participate in tech-driven media projects and workshops together with our journalism students. Also, if you keep working with Axel Springer in a full-time position for at least two years after your graduation, you have the chance to qualify for a scholarship covering your full tuition fees at CODE. Sounds great? Find out how to apply and about our selection criteria below. We’re looking forward to getting to know you!

How to Apply

To apply for our Tech Program, please provide the following:

1. Your CV
Send us a short CV including your name and contact details, education, qualifications and technical skills as well as any work, community or volunteer experience.

2. A Motivation Letter
Let us know what motivates you to join FreeTech and what you expect from your participation in our Tech Program. Please write about one page and save it as PDF.

3. A tech-driven media project idea
Our journalism and tech students work together on projects frequently. Share one idea you think could be a cool tech-driven media project to accomplish in about 2 months. Feel free to let your imagination run wild and provide a short video (1 min) to explain your idea. 

4. Enrollment Certificate from CODE
If you want to join our program, you must be enrolled at CODE University. Please attach your enrollment certificate to your application. If you’re still in the application process at CODE, please let us know and hand in your acceptance email from CODE as soon as you receive it.

Please send your application to until June 1, 2021. You may use WeTransfer if the video file size is too big for emails.

Selection Criteria

We believe in personalities rather than hard selection criteria. Still, there are some requirements to attend our Tech Program:

  • Enrolled SE, ID or PM student at our education partner CODE University (any  semester)
  • Basic SE skills (for SE students), basic ID skills (for ID students)
  • Interest in journalism
  • Innovative mindset, team player, curious, self-driven, proactive
  • We are an international company, so English proficiency is a must. German proficiency, however, is simply a plus as a majority of our editorial content is written in German. That being said there are many ways to work with us if you’re English speaking only.

We value diversity and therefore welcome all applications – regardless of gender, nationality, ethnic and social origin, religion/belief, disability, age as well as sexual orientation and identity.