Come to Berlin

Around 40 young journalists start their careers at the FreeTech Academy every year. If you are interested in training at Germany’s most progressive journalism school, you can apply online for the next class at any time until June 1. There are no formal entry requirements, you just need to be 18 years old (at the start of training) and have a passion for the reporting profession. The advantages of the FreeTech Academy are clear: a top digital training with a strong tech focus, 18 months of editorial practice and 1400 euros in allowance per month. If you want to be creative and well-positioned for your future, you’ve come to the right place!

This is how the application to our journalism school works

The application for our journalism school takes place in several steps. After you have filled out the application form and sent us your application reportage by June 1 of each year at the latest, we review your documents in detail. If you make it through to the second round of the selection process, we invite you to a test day in Berlin, where you again write a reportage and take a knowledge test. In the third and final round, you will have an interview with the FreeTech Academy management and the editors-in-chief of the publishing house.


Practice oriented learning

of all journalistic disciplines

18 months practice phase

in the editorial office of your choice

Individual work

in small groups (max. 20 participants)

1.400 € gross

salary per month

Crossmedia & Tech

Our focus

Renowned lecturers

Learn from the best


in one of the most successful media houses in Europe

Study trip to Israel

At the end of the program

Studium Generale & Freedom Forum

Exchange in an intimate setting

The Application in detail

There are no admission restrictions for applying to our journalism school. What you need to bring with you is talent and a passion for journalism. Apart from the minimum age of 18 at the start of training, there are no formal requirements such as studies, grade point average or previous experience.



You are curious and like to deal with language and images? You are interested in many things and perhaps already specialized in a certain subject area? You have a good general education, are communicative and want to make a difference? Then journalism is the right profession for you. Our mission is to turn you into a successful journalist in 24 months at the FreeTech Academy and in our editorial offices, helping to shape the future of this great profession.

We would like to get to know you

Filling out the application form takes about 15 minutes. Of course, you can stop or interrupt the application in the meantime, save the data you have entered up to that point and continue with the application later.
Answering most of the questions is optional. But remember: The more questions you answer, the better we can get to know you in advance. The answers to the questions can be up to 500 characters each, which is about 70 words (or 6 lines in this text).

How to find your reportage topic

Convince us with your application report. It should consist of around 3,600 characters (including spaces). Write about a topic of your choice. If personal contact is not possible, e.g. because of the Corona virus, use other forms of communication and research (e.g. Skype, mail, telephone interviews, etc.).
Exciting topics are everywhere. Sometimes it is seemingly insignificant incidents or small news items that, on closer inspection, are suitable for a report. Surprise your readers, try to find a topic or focus that hasn’t been done many times before.

Your reportage should illuminate a topic in different facets. Gather all the data and facts that you consider useful. Research on site! This is the only way to get all the impressions that will make your report come alive.

A report does not have to be chronologically structured, but a common thread is important. Don’t forget to answer the journalistic W-questions.

Start the reportage with a captivating, curiosity-awakening introduction. Emotional images, pithy quotes or vivid descriptions are particularly suitable here. In the main part, you convey information and views. In the conclusion, you refer to your opening thesis and point out solutions or consequences.

Very important: Choose a topic that interests you. Genuine enthusiasm will be evident in your finished report.

Take a relaxed approach – we are looking for suitable applicants to train as journalists – not the finished work for the next Pulitzer Prize. In the end, it’s your commitment that counts. We’ll keep our fingers crossed for you and look forward to your contribution.

Test Day

If you are successful with your written application, we will invite you to Berlin. There you will complete a writing and knowledge test. 

Here you will have another opportunity to demonstrate your feeling for language. We give you four hours for detailed research and two hours for writing. All applicants are given a topic – but it is very general. That means you can choose many different approaches. From then on, it’s a matter of clever research, sensible structuring and conscientious writing. But don’t worry, it’s not witchcraft.
Afterwards there is a knowledge test. The questions come from many current areas such as politics, economics, sports and culture. Again, don’t panic. If you keep yourself informed regularly and follow the news properly, regardless of which channels you use, the test is doable.

The interview

At the end of the selection process, we invite the best hundred applicants to an interview at the FreeTech Academy. There you will have the chance to introduce yourself personally to us and the editors-in-chief of the company.
During a half-hour interview, you will get to know both the Academy management and your future editor-in-chief. Of course, this can seem intimidating at first, but you can prepare yourself well. Plan your arrival carefully so that you have enough time to breathe before the interview starts. And most importantly, you should look closely at the medium/editorial team you’re applying for, both print and online. Also get an overview of current issues and debates. Some of these may come up in the interview.

What awaits you at the end

For up to 40 applicants, the dream comes true: They start training at FreeTech Academy and are thus a big step closer to their goal of becoming an outstanding journalist.
In an excellent, cross-media training program, we make you fit for the journalism of tomorrow. As a journalism student, you will also be an important source of inspiration for the Axel Springer Group. During your 24-month training, you will always have the opportunity to develop new ideas and improve old ones. We’re keeping our fingers crossed for you!