Welcome to FreeTech – Axel Springer Academy of Journalism and Technology! Under one roof, we provide the best interdisciplinary education for young talents who are passionate about tech-driven journalism. No matter what area you are interested in, we want to inspire you – and shape the journalism of the future together with you.

We bring Journalism and Tech together

The interface between journalism and technology opens up an incredible number of new possibilities for researching, presenting and distributing content. The FreeTech Academy combines under one roof a Journalism School, the journalism training program of the former Axel Springer Academy, and now also a Tech Program. Both strands, which we connect in many places, are among the most progressive in the country.


Since we are convinced that lifelong learning and innovative strength are closely linked, FreeTech also offers numerous further training opportunities beyond the basic training, which are available not only to our journalism and tech students after completing their training, but to all Axel Springer employees.

Be there, as a journalist or tech expert: We want to shape the journalism of the future with you at Europe’s leading digital publishing house!

Exciting exchange formats

Our journalism and tech students regularly meet important interlocutors. In formats such as the Freedom Forum or Studium generale, they discuss with prominent figures from politics, society, business, science and culture. Lively conversations “among three” and controversial discussions are part of our programs.

Project work in the newsroom

Our newsroom is the creative hub of the Academy. Not only do most of the workshops and seminars take place here, but this is also where we work with our young journalists and tech experts to create interdisciplinary, digital lighthouse projects known as Masterpieces. The project work – in the middle of the training – brings together everything previously learned. Learning by doing, creative exchange, teamwork and passion – all this can be found in our newsroom.