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We combine the advantages of a traditional journalism school with those of a classic traineeship. With us, you get the most progressive training with the best chances of a subsequent permanent position in an inspiring environment.

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For us, technology and journalism belong together. We train tech talents who drive media innovation and strengthen the future of digital journalism. With us, you work hands-on in one of Europe’s leading media and tech companies.


We make Axel Springer employees future-proof. Our learning and further training programs are innovative and technology-supported. Anyone who wants to deepen their existing skills or learn new ones will find the right partner in us.

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The Knowledge Network team acts as a network organization that follows the motto “Using the power of the group!” We connect experts from the Axel Springer group, facilitate collaboration across brands to create synergies and become more efficient.

“We are making independent journalism future-proof. Interdisciplinary work is an important key. For us, technology and journalism belong together. It becomes magical when we combine the best of both worlds and something new emerges from it.”

 Niddal Salah-Eldin
Managing Director

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Wir trauern um Vollrath Freiherr von Heintze. Er übernahm 1993 die Journalistenschule Axel Springer, die seit 1986 Journalist:innen für die Marken des Hauses ausbildete. Fünf Jahre leitete der ehemalige BILD-Journalist die renommierte Schule. Noch heute sprechen seine damaligen Schüler:innen in den höchsten Tönen von ihm. Vollrath Freiherr von Heintze war ein geachteter, geliebter und nahbarer Mensch, der die zentralen Eigenschaften eines Journalisten verkörperte: Ehrlichkeit, Unbestechlichkeit und Menschlichkeit.

We mourn the death of Vollrath Freiherr von Heintze. In 1993 he took over the Axel Springer School of Journalism, which had been training journalists for the company's brands since 1986. The former BILD journalist headed the renowned school for five years. Even today, his former students speak highly of him. Konrad Freiherr von Heintze was a respected, beloved, and approachable person who embodied the central qualities of a journalist: honesty, incorruptibility, and humanity.

🇩🇪Unsere Geschäftsführerin, Niddal Salah-Eldin, wurde vom Capital Magazin auf die Liste der 40 unter 40 gewählt! Wir können uns niemanden vorstellen, der diese Anerkennung mehr verdient hätte! Herzlichen Glückwunsch!!👏🎉

Mit dem jährlichen Ranking würdigt das Capital Magazin außergewöhnliche Talente aus Wissenschaft, Politik, Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft, die Deutschland prägen. Niddal gehört auf jeden Fall dazu, denn sie war während ihrer gesamten Karriere eine Innovatorin an der Schnittstelle von Medien und Technik.

Die vollständige Liste von Capital gibt es hier:

Wir sind gespannt, wie du die FreeTech - Axel Springer Academy und unsere Unternehmenskultur weiter gestalten wirst, liebe Niddal!🙌💙💚

🇬🇧Our Managing Director, Niddal Salah-Eldin, was named one of Capital Magazin’s 40 under 40! We couldn’t imagine anyone more worthy of this recognition! Congratulations!!

With the annual ranking, Capital Magazin recognizes exceptional talents from science, politics, business, and society who shape Germany. Niddal is one in any case since she has been an innovator and trailblazer at the intersection of media and tech throughout her career.

Check out Capital’s full list here:

We’re excited how you’ll continue to shape the FreeTech - Axel Springer Academy and our corporate culture, Niddal!

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The Deepfake Report

We – an international team of journalists and tech students – dared the experiment: Can we create convincing deepfake videos of politicians in a few weeks? And if so, how do you react to it?


They do everything to save Europe.
Climate change is leading to extreme weather events in Europe with increasing frequency. Storms, floods and heat leave suffering and destruction in their wake. Across Europe, our team met 29 HEROPEANS, people who don’t give up after their personal climate catastrophe.

Hong Kong Diaries

How it feels to lose freedom
In a documentary, multimedia diaries and an interactive map, we bring you closer to the democracy movement in Hong Kong – through eight protagonists who were always in danger of being arrested.

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