Journalism School

We combine the advantages of a traditional journalism school with those of a classic traineeship. We do not only offer the most advanced journalism training in the German-speaking realm and contacts to top journalists, but also an inspiring environment.

Tech Program

For us, technology and journalism go hand in hand. That’s why we created an innovative Tech Program for young tech talents who are driving the future of technology-driven media innovations.


We make our employees future-proof. Through innovative, technology-supported learning and further training programs, we enable our colleagues at Axel Springer to expand their existing skills.

“We are making independent journalism future-proof. Interdisciplinary work is an important key. For us, technology and journalism belong together. It becomes magical when we combine the best of both worlds and something new emerges from it.”

 Niddal Salah-Eldin
Managing Director

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Interview training is an important and integral part of the journalism training. Our J-Talents train their interviewing skills in several workshops, always with the changing guests. This week, actress @sandrajuliareils was our guest. It was an exciting experience for our J-Talents and also for herself. "I really enjoyed learning with the young journalists," she says. Thank you very much for your visit, dear Sandra!

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“The Power of LinkedIn” for journalists.

Most journalists usually use Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. LinkedIn does not automatically come up to their mind when it comes to leveraging it as platform for their journalistic work. ✍️

Hence, @minasaidze (Data Lead Axel Springer SE, Tech Evangelist FreeTech Academy and LinkedIn Top Voice) shared with our journalism talents from Team 32, why LinkedIn is crucial for journalists and how they can leverage the power of it.

The key take-aways are:
➡️ you can boost traffic, by sharing your article and being featured by LinkedIn News
➡️ shape public debates and reach decision-makers in business and politics
➡️ get acknowledged for your work in your industry and boost your career portfolio
➡️ provide consistent content quality which matters more than the number of likes
➡️ find relevant sources and establish trust through community building

In the past, we have also seen that C-level executives are breaking stories on LinkedIn, instead of sharing it with the press first.

Hence, we are delighted that the participants of the workshop shifted their perspective on the platform and might utilize it in the future.

Thanks to everyone who joined us!

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Congratulations, Kristin!
Our esteemed colleague, formerly "Head of Academic Affairs," has now taken on the role of Deputy Head of the FreeTech School of Journalism. She succeeds Rudolf Porsch, who recently retired from his fulltime position at Axel Springer after a great and successful span of more than 35 years at the company.

In her new role, Kristin will be able to sharpen the interdisciplinary nature of J-Talent and Tech-Talent training and drive journalistic innovation topics even more than before.

"Working on journalistic challenges in such a consistently interdisciplinary way is a real dream job. Developing ideas together with talented young people and seeing new things emerge from them is just great. The goal of the entire FreeTech team is to make journalism fit for the future - that's what I continue to stand for."

Kristin has worked at the School of Journalism since 2014. Previously, she was a reporter and anchor at @bild . She covered News, Showbiz, and Politics. Kristin also worked as a producer for the @bbc, @npr, and @skynews.

Here she is: Mariia Vodopianova, Interaction Design student at @codeuniversity and Tech Talent at!
We are very happy to have you on board Mariia!
Let's hear what she has to say:

“I believe that what started as a collection of news stories, should be an informative experience. Let's create stories and experiences designed for interaction as well as information. Designed for values such as playfulness, tactility, and engagement, as well as the public interest. These stories are created at the intersection of journalism and interaction design, the process that I am part of at FreeTech."

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We recently saw @paulronzheimer as one rarely sees him: sitting on a balcony, mountains in the background, relaxed, on vacation.
And yet: the war in Ukraine was, of course, the main topic of our discussion that evening.

Paul revealed to our Journalism Talents, how he manages to "switch off" despite everything, how close he really is to Vitali und Wladimir Klitschko and why he sometimes has a guilty conscience towards his mother.

Thank you for this exchange and the great insights on this special evening, dear Paul!

"How did you do that" - is a new internal format, where top-speakers share their experience and knowledge and our talents have the opportunity to learn from the best.

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On the 1st of July Grischa joined the FreeTech Academy as Program Manager. We are very happy, dear Grischa, to welcome you to our team!

"As a native Berliner, I would rather start my introduction without an official greeting: hardly anyone in the city cares about that anyway. Which is a shame.
After studying visual communication, I learned at the Axel Springer School of Journalism in Hamburg, that a "Moin" can make a huge difference.
For 12 years at @welt, everything revolved around digitization, product development, subscriptions, and innovations. What was particularly good is that I was able to try the things out right from the start, especially in the „Wild West“ times of the Internet.
As a teacher's child and father of three young children, I was finally drawn to my second professional passion – pedagogy and teaching, for which I went back to the elementary school, where I spent three years teaching arithmetic, abstract painting, and English prepositions.
Journalism was missing though, so I switched back to the media business at @tagesspiegel and now to the Here journalism, teaching, tech, and innovation come together - I'm very happy about this homecoming and the fantastic team at FreeTech Academy and beyond."

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Our interdisciplinary approach makes independent journalism future-proof! This is what we are convinced of!

When talents from different nations and different disciplines such as software engineering, interaction design, product management, and journalism meet, magical moments are created.

We create a fear-free and inspiring space where all talents, lecturers, and experts from different fields come together to address problems and create solutions.

The cooperative use and further development of approaches and mindsets have so far produced spectacular results such as:

- Project: The Deep Fake Report
- Project: Hong Kong Diaries
- Project: Heropeans

More information on these projects, you will find in our BIO.

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We are very happy to introduce to you yet another of our exceptional Tech Talents: Eva Lam - a software engineering student.
Eva, we are thrilled to have you on board of FreeTech Academy!🤩

"With the constant change of media and technology, FreeTech has challenged me to rethink how media and technology can be intertwined in such a way that media is empowered and reimagined, encouraging and enabling new generations to engage and interact with current affairs." - Eva Lam

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current projects

The Deepfake Report

The Question: Can we create convincing deepfake videos of politicians in a few weeks? And if so, how do they react to it? This project provides the answer.


This project tells stories of people in Europe who, despite having experienced a climate catastrophe, refuse to be defeated and instead fight to keep their homes.

Hong Kong Diaries

With this project, 17 young journalists from Germany take a look at the democracy movement. The team managed to get eight people from Hong Kong to document two weeks of their lives in detail – always at risk of getting arrested.

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